05 Jan 2013

Saturday Reading

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The convenience of Google Reader and other RSS readers has made it so easy for me to keep track of blogs, that I keep track of too many. Like books and journals, I am now also accumulating blogs to follow at an almost unreadable pace. So, I thought I would make all my blog hoarding count and share some of what I’ve read this week with you.

First, a lovely post from Jenny at Let the Children Play. She shares her 2013 Teaching Manifesto here.

Here’s a wonderfully honest piece by Nadine at A Pikler Experience. I really admire her openness and honesty and she reflects about the way that her toddler’s throwing makes her feel and her acknowledgment of the role that all caregivers play in their child’s behaviours. Read “Everything Can Fly” here.

Teacher Tom always makes me think and I think often says the things that many early childhood professionals want to say (or at least want to want to say). This week he reminds us “it’s just weather and challenges us to allow “risky” play. Read “What we did on the Swings in the Weather” here.

I have always loved Light Boxes and I think that “playing” with light can be a rich experience, so of course I loved that Anna at The Imagination Tree shared how to make your own light box using those Christmas lights you haven’t put away yet. Read “DIY Lightbox for Sensory Play” here.

Finally, this isn’t a blog post, but it is something else that showed up in my inbox this week. For those of you living in Ontario, interested in the changes being made to the Child Care Funding, here is the technical paper with all the details.

If you’ve read something interesting this week, leave it in the comments. I love adding to my blog collection.

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A registered Early Childhood Educator and former President of the Halton Branch of the Association for Early Childhood Educators of Ontario.

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  1. Reply martha brown says:

    Well, I follow almost 400 blogs, Shannon! it’s an obsession — I don’t want to miss anything! (that’s why I can’t do twitter! I’d be on it constantly — I hate missing things 🙂 Pinterest is bad too. Thanks (a lot, I say sarcastically) for the link to The Imagination tree — I didn’t know this blog — and it is wonderful!!!
    (p.s I bought the house)

    • Reply Shannon says:

      Congrats on the house! That’s very exciting.
      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only blog hoarder out there. It’s funny that you’re worried about getting sucked in to Twitter, as that’s one of the things that holds me back from using Pinterest more.

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