19 Jan 2013

Saturday Reading – January 19th 2013

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Although it’s been an extremely busy week, I’ve still managed to sneak in a little bit of reading and here are some of the interesting articles I’ve come across this week.

First, something fun – Make a Photocopy Storybook from Play Create Explore.

This idea makes me feel really nostalgic because as a small child I loved playing with the photocopier. When I was really young my grandfather owner an office machine store, which of course had photocopiers, typewriters and I imagine all sorts of other gadgets. What I remember most is the smell of the typewriter ink, the light and warmth of the photocopier and that his administrator had “white out” (aka liquid paper) in all sorts of colours.

Another great post I came across is How I got my baby to sleep from Mama Eve. I think that this is a great piece for parents and caregivers alike. Suchada makes a good point that sleep isn’t a competition and that sleeping (like eating and toileting) isn’t something that can be forced. I also like how she shares what she has done with her youngest child.

Finally, for those Canadians who are reading (and for those who are simply interested) I wanted to share this recent blog post by Martha Friendly – Why high-quality universal child care is part of a more equal Canada for all of us. It’s a nice overview of some of the issues that affect child care in Canada.

What have you been reading this week?

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    Thank you so much for including me in your Saturday reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post 🙂

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